CCTV Update


The view from the organ loft.

Our organists had pointed out that they can’t see the action on the altar, or anywhere else in the church, whilst playing. This screen will allow them to do so. There are two cameras to be trained on the altar and two others which will help our musicians keep track of processions while doing their main job of keeping us safe. We expect the final work to be done on Tuesday 4th September.


Weaving around the altar.

Now that the CCTV wiring has been added to the existing wires, we have an unsightly weave of wires on the skirting board. One of the stonemasons had the bright idea of creating a false (wooden) skirting board in front of the real one and adding a lid. This will have the added advantage of allowing easy access should anything go wrong. This will be done when the tabernacle is installed.


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