Worth the wait


First, here’s the Lady Chapel altar with the tabernacle for Holy Week, rising as it were from the stonemason’s equipment. We think that it will be a worthy place for Exposition on a regular basis.


And here is our magnificent tabernacle which has been restored and given pride of place behind the altar. For the past week we’ve been hardly able to see the old tabernacle hiding behind the altar on its temporary plinth. The altar is big but it doesn’t hide this one! At first sight it dominates, but as Terry, one of the Scouser stonemasons said to me, “so it should – it’s the Blessed Sacrament”. The “noble simplicity” of the surrounds adds to the effect. It can be seen from every corner of the church. May this be our aid to a return to devotion to Our Lord truly present in the church, especially in the wake of the inspiring Adoramus convention in Liverpool at the weekend.

WP_20180912_18_11_39_Rich (2).jpg

We had intended to lift the wonderful crucifix higher behind the tabernacle, but seeing the latter in the wood and metal has given us pause for thought. Perhaps it would be best left as it is here and the crucifix placed elsewhere for prayer and devotion. Your thoughts below, please. Certainly the lighting will be adjusted when our electricians visit to carry out the work highlighted by the last Electrical Inspection report. Careful thought will have to be given to suitable candles, an alternative crucifix and other altar furnishings.

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