Hustings at South Woodford Memorial Hall, 209 High Road, South Woodford E18 2PA

Monday 25th November at 7:30. Canon Ian Tarrant tells me that he hopes that all three candidates for the General Election will come along. 2 have confirmed. Ticket information at:

In an earlier blog you can find the voting record of all MPs on some important moral issues. Even a quick skim through shows huge differences!

There are important resources from the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. I have ordered some leaflets from them. Immediately below, there’s a useful link to SPUC.

Some good people dislike pro-life campaigning, saying that there there are other issues at an election. Indeed there are. However, there are 9 million Britons who have never had and will never have the chance to vote because they were killed in the womb. There seems to be an order of priorities there!

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