Relationships and Sex Education: The Crisis in our Schools

The response I received to a message of support for the stand taken by Mr. Matyjaszek against the new policy being imposed on our schools:

We have a Parliamentary Briefing with our Jewish and other colleagues this Ash Wednesday to brief MPs on the catastrophe this new policy is – please pray for us. If you can ask the children who may come to Ash Wednesday Mass that day to pray for us too, as people who want to make the education system work fully and properly for all the children in the land as MPs will be thinking about it from 5.30pm-6.30pm, that would be greatly appreciated. …

The figure by the way for the fall out from Birmingham is over 1000 children are being home-educated. I was with Muslims on Saturday at a conference. One weapon parents have is boycott. We are listing all Stonewall Champion schools so parents can choose. England is Our Lady’s Dowry. In the end she will triumph and protect her children. Of that we are  sure. Thank you so much for writing. The support is invaluable.

E J Matyjaszek


Priory School of Our Lady of Walsingham

Isle of Wight  PO32 6LP

Read Mr. Matyjaszek’s article on the subject by visiting ParentPower RSE – So It Begins

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