Stations of the Cross

As never before! This Friday evening 23 parishioners met to take part in following in the footsteps of Jesus to Calvary. We gazed at the 14 depictions of the Passion of Our Lord as we sang and prayed our way around them. It was a bit more noisy than usual because we are still learning how to use the Video Conferencing software, but it was a tremendous achievement from zero. I hadn’t heard of the software until last week. Many thanks to Rev Alan Mair for putting together the PowerPoint slides and providing the voice-over and meditations. He’ll be back next Friday at the same time, and meanwhile I’m going to have to raise my Stational game for the next meeting on Monday at 10:00am. I hope that we have even more of you joining us! Invitations are by email from our existing groups. If you want to join, email your permission and we will send you the GDPR form and count you in.

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