Confirmation Sponsor Requirements

Dear Sponsor,

Thank you for offering to be a Confirmation Sponsor. The young person you are sponsoring has been faithfully attending the “Chosen” course linked to this book. With your support and prayer in particular they will continue to mature in their Catholic Faith. We will meet before the Confirmation: details to follow.

But first, we need to be sure that you fit the requirements of the Church to sponsor a young person.  (Parents cannot be sponsors. Godparents are encouraged to be sponsors.)

Are you a Confirmed Catholic?  Y / N
Are you over 16 yrs. old?  Y / N
Do you practice your Catholic faith by coming to Mass every Sunday?  Y / N
Do you lead a life in keeping with the Church’s teaching? (e.g. were you married in church or not?)  Y / N

If you can reply “Y” to all the above, please fill in the slip which will be issued at the first parents’ meeting and return it to the team or parish office as soon as possible. You will not be able to be a sponsor without it! You are warmly invited to all the parents’ evenings and expected at the practice just before the Confirmation Mass.

Jacinta Balchin,

The Confirmation Team

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