Advent 2019 Report from Our Partnership

The Parish Partnership were able to submit an agreed report before the Advent deadline, which was a great achievement. Thank you to those who have put in such a lot of work. It was discussed at the last PC meeting at St Anne Line. We await feedback from the Director.


As one of the largest Partnerships in the Diocese, in terms of Mass attendance and Catholic population, we have met many times since December 2018 to understand, pray and reflect on the asks of us in the Diocesan Vision Document.

The Parish Councils are engaged and focused to enable positive co-operation and to strengthen the relationships within the Partnership. We have got to know each other better, we have identified common goals and are learning to work together. At the same time, we are not of one mind, we are listening to each other, we are finding areas of common ground and we are moving ahead at our own pace.

In relation to renewal, we are all of one mind about the importance of young people. We therefore have a desire to employ a Partnership Youth Co-ordinator in 2020, and are working together to agree the essential elements of our vision for their role.

We have started to work together in other areas. Each Parish has shared links to the Partnership, including minutes and Diocesan documents. Each Parish shares information about each other’s events on their websites:

We have identified other areas for joint working, including:

  • Partnership calendar (this is being merged and integrated using a computer driven event calendar)
  • SVP
  • social events

We have also had a meeting about the Landings programme and are considering the possibility of the extent to which we might work together on it.

In terms of the structure for the future, there are different visions among the three Parishes. Two envisage the Parishes working alongside each other in a cooperative manner and one envisages the three Parishes working in closely integrated fashion with a view to a merger. Mindful of the likely timeline of 10-15 years for the restructuring, and also that one of our Parishes is served by the Franciscans, we believe that our working together as a Partnership on the strands of renewal stands us in good stead when the time comes to make the decisions needed for restructuring. We believe these matters can be addressed effectively at a later date when things are clearer and we are used to working together on a practical basis.

Stewards of the Gospel Our Lady of Lourdes, St Anne Line and St Thomas of Canterbury 30 November 2019