Are you expecting? Or have you already received this precious gift of a child?

Congratulations! We run regular courses of baptism preparation.

Check the newsletter for dates of the next one.





Thank you for enquiring about Baptism for your child. You have taken the first step by showing that you wish to share your faith and bring your child up as a member of the Catholic Church. We want your child baptised! We want your child freed from Original Sin, reborn of the Holy Spirit! We want to welcome your child into the Catholic Church founded by Christ! We want your child to receive this first Sacrament, to go on to be Confirmed, make his or her First Confession and Holy Communion!

During the Rite of Baptism, the following words will be put to you: “You have asked to have your child Baptised. In doing so you are accepting the responsibility of training him/her in the practice of the Faith. It will be your duty to bring him/her up to keep God’s commandments as Christ has taught us. Do you clearly understand what you are undertaking?” What an onerous task lies ahead! But you need not fear. Your child is being baptised into the Catholic Faith. You will have the Church to help you on your journey of faith with your child. Baptism is not just a naming service but the beginning of a whole life of commitment to Christ. The Church must be sure that you are serious in your commitment. That is why we ask certain things of you.

A brief insight as to what to expect. All parents who wish to have their child baptised in our parish must attend a Parish Preparation Course beforehand. At least one parent must be a practising Catholic except in very special circumstances. You need to decide upon your godparents now. They must be practising Catholics who come to Mass every week.

The proper place to be baptised is in your parish church. We can help you find out if you live in this parish. If not, you must have a good reason why your child should be baptised here. You must obtain the permission of your parish priest who must know you.


In the first instance all enquiries are through the Parish Office. There’s a contact form on this website. 

Baptism Preparation Course

These are held at regular intervals. Dates are published in the parish newsletter. The course consists of four or five weekly meetings. The meetings consist of a talk, question and answer, ending with prayer. Before you can join the course, you must come regularly to Sunday Mass, complete the enclosed Form for Baptism, return it to the Presbytery and wait until you have the parish priest’s approval to go ahead.

Before you start you will need:

  1. A Form for Baptism at SAL from the Parish Office or porch. Fill it in.
  2. A copy of the baptismal certificate of either parent. Children can usually only be baptised into the Catholic faith if at least one parent is a baptised Catholic.
  3. The Mass Attendance Record signed by the priest at Sunday Masses you have attended consecutively. You are expected to continue attending Sunday Mass every week thereafter. You need a total of 5 signatures before the baptism can go ahead. If you do not attend this church regularly, then you should arrange baptism in the church where you do go.
  4. If this isn’t your parish church, a permission letter or email from your parish priest who must know you.

Bring all 4 of these to the first session.

At the first session you will be given the Godparent’s Declaration Form(s). You need to have chosen practising Catholics and get them to complete and sign the form.


We want to know that you are serious in your promise to bring up your child in the Faith. The best way to do that is within a family built on a valid marriage with vows made before God and His Church. Today parents come to us with different problems in their relationships. Many of these can be sorted out if the commitment is there. It would be sad if you as a parent were to watch your child receiving their first Holy Communion in the future when you yourself cannot because you are in a state of sin. The priest will talk to you to help resolve any problems. He will baptise your child, but remember the vows you will make at the baptism! This is only the beginning of a life-long commitment to God.

When are Baptisms celebrated?

At St Anne Line, Baptisms take place on Sunday at 2pm. Please be in the church by 1.45pm so that everyone will be in place for the priest to commence on time.

What is the cost?

There is no charge for Baptism or the other Sacraments but it is customary to make a personal offering to the priest who conducts the Baptism. You will be given an envelope to return after the service. The amount of the offering is left very much to your own means and generosity.


Godparents undertake to help the parents bring up the child in the Faith. That is why Church Canon Law states that a godparent must be a Confirmed practising Catholic. You must have a least one godparent. If you have 2 or more, you need at least one of each sex. Only two will be entered on the certificate. Godparents will be required to sign a declaration stating that they are a practising Catholic and supply a copy of their baptismal certificate. Other Christians may be witnesses.