Baptismal Course Outline

This course is for parents of babies including those babies not yet born. If your child is 7 or over, they will have to attend the course with you. Once 14 or over, they will have to take a course for Reception as Adults (RCIA) instead. If you have children already baptised into the Catholic Church, you will only be required to take the final Week 4 of the course as a refresher. The paperwork, however, cannot be avoided so come on the first evening to clear that up.

Week 1

  • Check paperwork. Issue anything not filled in.
  • Attendance at Mass here.
  • Godparents requirements and forms issued
  • Agree date of baptisms
  • God the First Be-cause (Evangelium 01)
  • What is God. What does creation teach us about God?
  • Human beings: rational animals
  • Knowledge. Our ability to choose. Therefore immortal souls
  • Happiness and knowing God.
  • What is creation? – out of nothing (Evangelium 02)
  • Creator v created. The soul
  • Evolution and creation
  • Human being in the Garden of Eden. Marriage
  • The Fall – obedience to God. Consequences.
  • What we have inherited (slide 35)

Week 2

  • Check paperwork.
  • Recap
  • Hope after the Fall – the serpent is cursed
  • Salvation History (Evangelium 03)
  • Noah (slide 10)
  • Red Sea (slide 29)
  • John the Baptist (slide 38)
  • Responsibilities of parents and godparents. (Fr Mike Schmitz DVD clip)


  • Check paperwork
  • Liturgy and the sacraments (Evangelium 11)
  • Liturgy
  • Sacraments
  • Sacrament and symbols of baptism.
  • Baptism (Evangelium 12)
  • Chosen unit 9

Week 4

  • Recap:
    • What is a Sacrament?
    • Why do we need baptism?
    • What does it do?
      • removes original sin, strengthen us; is our entry into the Church; initiation for the other Sacraments; spiritual birth – being born again.
    • Why babies as well as adults?
  • CCC
  • Walk through the liturgy:
    • Responses
    • Intercessions
    • Litany of saints
    • Reading
  • Symbols: candle, shawl,
  • What is outstanding?
    • attendance at Mass sheet,
    • baptism certificate of one parent,
    • godparents’ promises
  • Issue certificate of attendance if the baptism is not here.