Confirmation: Parents and Sponsors!

The course will start in January 2021. There will be 6 sessions.

The course details are as follows:

Confirmation Programme 2020-2021

Monday meetings are held in the Francis Xavier hall promptly at 5pm – 6:15pm. Attendance is obligatory.



November 3rd

Parents and Candidates meeting 7:30pm Church

Sunday December 20th

Calling forth at 9.30am Mass. Candidates called by name and introduced to the parish

Saturday January 9th

Voluntary service – Local Foodbank

Monday January 18th

Why am I here – What makes me happy – Confirmation Commitment statement or similar. (Chosen 1&2)

Monday February 1st

Who is Jesus – Who do you say that I am? Meeting Jesus in the sacraments (Chosen 5 & 8)

Monday February 22nd

Discovering the Church Jesus founded? The life of an apostle – the journey ahead. (Chosen 6)

Monday March 8th

Chastity – authentic love (Chosen 22)

Saturday March 13th

Easter card drop.

Monday March 22nd

Forms of Prayer and independent prayer – Are you talking to me? Lectio Divina. (Chosen 18)

Thursday April 1st

Mass of the Last Supper. Candidates will have their feet washed

Friday April 2nd

Good Friday service of Christ’s death 3pm

Sunday April 4th

Easter Sunday

Monday April 19th

Confirmation and the power of the holy spirit

Saturday May 8th (Provisional)

Walsingham House retreat team at St Anne Line

Monday June 8th

Confirmation Rehearsal – Including Parents & Sponsors

Sunday June 13th

9:30 Mass – Sacrament of Confirmation