This course runs from September 2018 until Pentecost 2019 and is for youngsters usually in Year 10 at school. We use Chosen which is a DVD-based course professionally presented and with great supporting materials. Last year’s students were very positive about it! We meet from 5 pm on Mondays until 6:15 most weeks starting on October 1st .

At Pentecost candidates will be Confirmed by the parish priest. We aren’t due for a visit this year from the bishop, but should he come then he may be able to Confirm. There will be an opportunity for all candidates to go to Brentwood Cathedral to meet the bishop in the Spring.

Registration for the course will be at at 8 pm on Monday 17th of September in the hall. We need parents and the student to be Confirmed to attend. Please find the application form on the menu and fill it in!
Looking forward to seeing you.

Sexuality is a big issue for all our teenagers. This is an excellent link.