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Monthly Prayer Intention – September 2023

 For people living on the margins

Let us pray for those people who live on the margins of society, in inhumane living conditions, that they may not be neglected by institutions and never be considered outcasts.

Monthly Prayer

Holy Spirit, Father of the poor. How is it possible to give a real and concrete solution to the millions of the poor who often find only indifference as an answer? What path do you need to go to overcome social inequalities and restore human dignity that has been trampled so many times? Take down our complicit individualism and help us bring development processes to life in which the capacities of all are valued so that the complementarity of competences and the diversity of charisms create a common project of action. Amen

Pope’s Video

Offering Prayer

Good Father, I know you are with me. Here I am on this new day. Place my heart once more next to the Heart of your Son Jesus, who is giving himself for me and who comes to me in the Eucharist. May your Holy Spirit make me his friend and apostle, available for his mission of compassion. I place in your hands my joys and hopes, my works and sufferings, everything that I am and have, in communion with my brothers and sisters of this Worldwide Prayer Network. With Mary, I offer you my day for the mission of the Church and for the prayer intentions of the Pope and my Bishop for this month. Amen.

Praying Tip 1

Prayer is not a matter of rushing to read the Gospel or recite a prayer. Prayer is an ENCOUNTER with who has created you, loves you and seeks you infinitely more than you do it for Him. Try to meet God: 1. Take some time alone with you. 2. Find a body position that invites you to pray. 3. Concentrate on your breathing. Try to find yourself and pay attention to your body. You will see that it will help you a lot to meet the Lord.

Praying Tip 2

The Quiet, a way of encounter IV. The true silence of the heart is granted by the Holy Spirit We cannot take hold of it in our hands as if it depended on our efforts. Its fruit is Peace, and it is granted to us. We must not confuse it with inner calm or stillness. We cannot generate it, but we can prepare ourselves to it. Quiet should not be sought for itself, but this is nevertheless the way to find the Lord

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