Minutes of Partnership Mtg March 2019

Third meeting of the Woodford and Wanstead Parish Partnership

At Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Hall

On 5 March 2019


William Yeung Steward of the Gospel, St Thomas of Canterbury

Kit Tranmer Chair of Parish Council, St Thomas of Canterbury

Anne Marie Fox Steward of the Gospel, Our Lady of Lourdes

Fiona Christison Chair of Parish Council, Our Lady of Lourdes

Mary Busk Steward of the Gospel, St Anne Line

Patrick Shiel Chair of the Parish Council, St Anne Line


The main subject of discussion was how we could best work together, recognising the commitments in the Vision Document which were further reinforced through a recent meeting between the Bishop and Priests. It was recognised there might be different challenges, influences and priorities between rural and London based Parishes.

Despite all the work that had been done in involving Parishes and the questionnaires, some questions still remained. These were shared in the meeting. Some were resolved through discussion and some remained. These could be put to the Diocese at some point in the future.

There was a willingness to work together. It was accepted that a good starting point would be to get to know more about each other’s Parishes. One way to do this would be to share the Parish Questionnaires with each other. There were also current and planned activities in each of the Parishes that could be shared (e.g. Lenten Lunches in St Thomas of Canterbury, a Mission in Our Lady of Lourdes and a Lenten Course in St Anne Line), including weekly newsletters.

In relation to Renewal, some suggestions made were:

  • Evangelisation and engaging with lapsed Catholics
  • Working with the Youth
  • Leadership

It was recognised that further meetings and social events would be useful. It was agreed that these should be rotated between the three Parishes.

Everyone was conscious of the need to deliver a Parish Partnership Plan to Bishop Alan by Christmas 2019, which could be subject to further dialogue for agreement by Easter 2020.


It was agreed that:

  • Email addresses of the group would be shared
  • Parish Questionnaires would be shared between all present
  • Information about Parish events and newsletters to be shared
  • A meeting would be held at St Thomas of Canterbury of the same group on Tuesday 7 May at 8pm to discuss next steps and plan for a wider meeting and social event (e.g. cheese and wine with short presentations about the services in each Parish in June 2019)