Parish Partnership

Our church is part of the Woodford and Wanstead partnership which consists of the parishes of: St. Thomas of Canterbury, Our Lady of Lourdes and ourselves. Although a partnership has no standing in Canon Law, it is the basis for deciding the long-term future of parishes in the diocese. We are expected to organise our joint response to the proposals for renewal and restructuring in the diocese. We have started this process with a meeting of the Stewards of the Gospel and priests before Christmas. In January the members of the three Parish Councils met with the Stewards and priests at which the discussion centred on which of the 12 strands of renewal were most important for us. We are aiming to have something ready for Advent this year.

Communication. We will be publishing the minutes of relevant meetings here.
The St Anne Line PC meeting in December, before this process began, was devoted to the subject of the Vision Statement, and so we will start publishing the minutes of PC Meetings, where relevant. We would like, with the agreement of the PC members, to include their names on the website so that members of the congregation know who to speak to to clarify issues, give feed back etc. As always, if parishioners want to contact others, please work through the parish office in the first instance.