Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Willesden

The shrine is associated with some well-known saints

Itinerary Saturday 25th May, 2019

10 am leave from St. Anne Line.

We will travel by Underground to Willesden Junction and walk the rest.

12 noon Holy Mass

1 pm Packed lunch (liquid refreshments available)

1:45 pm Talk on the Shrine

2:15 pm Rosary

2:30 pm Benediction and depart

4 pm (approx.) arrive St. Anne Line

Our Lady of Willesden, Pray for us!

Looking Ahead

Roy Schoeman – London Talks 2019

“Witness Testimony”  and “The Infinite Gift of the Church”

St Anne Line Church Hall, Friday June 28th at 7:00pm


What would cause a successful young Jewish Harvard Business School professor, the son of German Jewish Holocaust refugees, to suddenly leave that promising career to become a “fanatic” Catholic evangelist?  It would sure have to be something!

It was.  Out of nowhere, one day God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, our Lord Jesus Christ, revealed Himself to Roy while he was walking alone in nature.  In an instant, Roy saw most of the truths of the Faith – that we live forever, that our eternity is determined by what we do on Earth, that every moment of our lives matter, that every moment we are watched over, and infinitely loved, by an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving God.  Why should he waste his time working for treasure on Earth, which would not do him any good at all even 100 years from now, when he could be building up treasure in Heaven, from which he would still benefit 100 million years from now?

Roy feels that his mission is twofold: to wake up Catholics to the infinite gift that they have in the Catholic Church and the need to share that gift with others; and to demonstrate the continuity between Judaism and the Catholic Faith — that the Catholic Church can be seen as the continuation of Judaism after the coming of the Jewish Messiah, Jesus, and Judaism can be seen as the pre-Messianic introduction and preparation for the Catholic Church. 

Over the past ten years, after the publication of his ground-breaking book Salvation is from the Jews: the Role of Judaism in Salvation History from Abraham to the Second Coming, Roy has spoken and given retreats and missions to Catholic groups and conferences across the US, Canada, and the UK, as well as in Ireland, France, Israel, Columbia, Ecuador, Australia, and New Zealand.  His unique perspective of Catholicism as the continuation of Judaism after the coming of the Jewish Messiah, Jesus, has brought numerous fallen away Catholics back to the Faith, and opened up the meaning of the Old Testament and Judaism to thousands of Catholics for the first time. 

In addition to his public speaking, Roy has written three books (published by Ignatius Press and the Catholic Truth Society) about the Jewish/Catholic connection, has taught at Ave Maria University and Holy Apostles Seminary, (and) has appeared dozens of times on EWTN Television and Radio.

Holy Week & Easter: 18th to 21st April, 2019

We look forward to welcoming you at church.


Times as usual (see Times)


9:15am Morning Prayer and Office of Readings

10:00am Confession (end at 11am)

5:00pm Confession (end at 6pm)

8:00pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper (Mandatum)

Vigil until Midnight


9:15am Morning Prayer and Office of Readings

10:00am Confession

11:15am Family Stations of the Cross

11:45am Procession with Cross to George Lane

12:00 Ecumenical Service in George Lane

3:00pm The Passion of the Lord

7:45pm Novena for Divine Mercy

8:00pm Stations of the Cross


9:15am Morning Prayer and Office of Readings

10:00 Confessions

12:00 Blessing of Polish Food

8:30pm Paschal Vigil*


9:30 and 11:30 Mass of the Resurrection*

6:00 Missa Cantata (EF)*

*These Masses meet your Easter Sunday Obligation

Weekdays in Lent



Morning Prayer and Mass times as usual


8:00am   Exposition & Confession

10:00am Stations of the Cross


8:00am Exposition & Confession

10:00 – 11am Confession

10:00 – 12am Exposition as usual

12:00 Angelus


6:30pm Stations of the Cross

7:15pm Exposition & Confession


8:00am Exposition & Confession

“Unplanned” comes to South Woodford


A unique opportunity to see the film


At St. Anne Line Parish Hall 4pm Saturday, 9th March.

Unplanned is the inspiring true story of one woman’s journey of transformation.

All Abby Johnson ever wanted to do was help women. As one of the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic directors in the nation, she was involved in upwards of 22,000 abortions and counselled countless women about their reproductive choices. Her passion surrounding a woman’s right to choose even led her to become a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, fighting to enact legislation for the cause she so deeply believed in.

Until the day she saw something that changed everything, leading Abby Johnson to join her former enemies at 40 Days For Life, and become one of the most ardent pro-life speakers in America.

In the interests of accuracy

The Guardian (online) reports:
“A former Roman Catholic archbishop and cardinal has been dismissed from the priesthood after the Vatican found him guilty of sexually abusing minors in a sign of an increasingly hardline stance taken by the church.”

The Telegraph (online) headline:

“US cardinal expelled from Catholic Church over sexual abuse allegations”

To be fair, The Telegraph has more recent posts which are slightly more accurate.

Fr. Z’s Blog reports:

“McCarrick has been “laicized”, that is, stripped of the clerical state.  While Holy Orders leaves an indelible mark on the souls (meaning that even death doesn’t remove the sacramental character – a priest is a priest forever, even in heaven or… *shudder* in the other place) he may not function in any priestly capacity for the rest of his life.”

Even that isn’t the whole picture, because in danger of death, Mr McCarrick can administer the relevant Sacraments.

He has not been expelled from the Church nor excommunicated. We must pray for his soul. The Office of Readings this morning gave us a sobering reading from I Corinthians 6:

“You know perfectly well that people who do wrong will not inherit the kingdom of God: people of immoral lives, idolaters, adulterers, catamites, sodomites, thieves, usurers, drunkards, slanderers and swindlers will never inherit the kingdom of God. These are the sort of people some of you were once, but now you have been washed clean, and sanctified, and justified through the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and through the Spirit of our God.”

Is this “an increasingly hardline stance taken by the church”? Or just an isolated one-off high-profile response to mollify very disillusioned American faithful? For sure, it isn’t the end of the matter.

Server Training in the Extraordinary Form

We will be leaving from St Anne Line at 9:30 am on Saturday 16th February to go by Underground to St. Mary Moorfields church near Liverpool Street station for server training. Young men under 16 are welcome, but only with a parent of guardian. You will need to book to help gauge numbers. Click this link to the LMS website to find out more.