Web Restructure

As part of keeping our website updated we will, over the coming weeks, be restructuring our pages and menu. We hope the new look will make the site more user friendly and attractive. We will show details of changes made on this page.

On our home page you do have the option to Search by using the Search box. Just enter any term into that (e.g. Sacraments) and it should bring up the relevant option(s).

Also from the home page you are able to Subscribe to our Blog. This Blog page will be updated from time to time and if you are subscribed it will send you an email notification.

Community Events, Scam advice/information, Cost of Living Crisis and Friendship Lunches have all been moved to the Social Committee Facebook page.

Parish News, Parish Events and Parish Activity Photos can now be found under About Us.

By hovering your mouse over the eight top menu items you will be able to view sub-menu pages that are contained within them.