Hustings at South Woodford Memorial Hall, 209 High Road, South Woodford E18 2PA

Monday 25th November at 7:30. Canon Ian Tarrant tells me that he hopes that all three candidates for the General Election will come along. 2 have confirmed. Ticket information at:

In an earlier blog you can find the voting record of all MPs on some important moral issues. Even a quick skim through shows huge differences!

There are important resources from the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. I have ordered some leaflets from them. Immediately below, there’s a useful link to SPUC.

Some good people dislike pro-life campaigning, saying that there there are other issues at an election. Indeed there are. However, there are 9 million Britons who have never had and will never have the chance to vote because they were killed in the womb. There seems to be an order of priorities there!

Forced Organ Harvesting in China

Shocking revelations by Sir Geoffrey Nice QC and Professor Martin Elliot. When a highly respected lawyer and a highly respected academic conclude that there is irrefutable evidence of the murder of people to steal their organs it is little wonder that Hong Kong fears the imposition of Communist Party Rule. 

2pm, Sunday 13th October 2019

St Francis Xavier Hall, St Anne Line Church

7, Grove Crescent, South Woodford E18 2JR

On the day of his canonisation, we are delighted to present:

Lead Kindly Light

An influential teacher, a distinguished theologian, a man who endured many trials, a father of souls – Blessed John Henry Newman (1801 – 1890) remains as fresh and relevant today as he was during his lifetime. In this engaging film, Fr Nicholas Schofield and Fr Marcus Holden present the story of Newman’s life and visit the places where he lived and worked. From London to Oxford, from Littlemore to Birmingham, each revealing an important stage of his life. Along the way they explore his writings and teachings, his pastoral zeal for his students and parishioners, his journey of conversion to the Catholic faith, and his enduring message for Christians of today.

All are welcome!

68 minutes. Free

St Anthony Communications

Confirmation 2019-20

The course starts at 5.00 pm to 6.15 on Monday 30th September 2019 in the hall. The Candidates will be Confirmed on Sunday 12th July 2020 at the 11:30 Mass by Bishop Alan Williams.

The catechists are Father Neil Brett, Jacinta Balchin and Mike Morton. Anybody who wishes to join the team, please speak to one of us.

Our first activity will be Saturday, 5th October when we leave the church at 9:30 for a visit to Tyburn Convent and the site of St Anne Line’s martyrdom. There’s Mass, a talk and a tour. We aim to be back by 3pm. Parents and friends are very welcome to join.